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A decade ago, the Black Eyed Peas was an alternative hip-hop trio with a devoted cult following. They soon exploded into the mainstream to become the leading hip-pop party band, after adding vocalist Stacy ”Fergie” Ferguson. Six years later, the quartet, also featuring will.i.am, apl.de.ap and Taboo, is prepared to become the world’s leading dance-pop band. Or at least, that’s the impression you get from the group’s new album, The E.N.D., its first in four years. Months before release, Fergie teased that the album would be its most energetic. ”A lot of the BPM’s being higher has helped my workout,” she joked to Entertainment Weekly. The songs are mostly consumed with partying and getting drunk — health and fitness isn’t really a lyrical driver here. Still, Fergie wasn’t lying: The title stands for ”The Energy Never Dies” — and this quartet, which constantly raps about making music ”to infinity,” isn’t about to call it quits. The album may not be continuously mixed, but the songs often bleed into one another. It registers with as much impact and inspiration as any DJ-mixed dance compilation. The music is also uptempo and varied enough that, as with Fergie, chances are your workout will be enhanced.

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